The Belgian answer to Mason Pearson.

The Belgian answer to Mason Pearson.

augustus 17, 2017

The Belgian hairbrush brand Delphin & Emerence was named "the Belgian answer to Mason Pearson" in an article on Belmodo, online Belgian Fashion and Beauty magazine.  

Here is what the journalist that compared Mason Pearson to Delphin & Emerence had to say: “…When I stroked my hair after brushing, I noticed how soft and nourished my hair felt: it was as if a layer of silk was draped over my hair. I wear my silky soft Delphin & Emerence-hair with pride, now the rest of the world has to follow!

Move over Mason Pearson, here comes Delphin & Emerence! “

(freely translated in English from the original Dutch article written by fashion journalist Yasmine De Wilde on Belmodo)

Link to original article: click here.