Do you know (REALLY know) how to brush your hair?


If we would invite you to do a test to see if you know how to brush your hair. Do you think you'd pass the test? 

There's even a very big chance that you haven't even ever thought about this at all. There is so much to tell about the importance of brushing your hair and how it can help to grow beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. One of those things is how you best brush your hair. In this video the founder of the Belgian high-end natural hairbrush brand Delphin & Emerence demonstrates in this short video how you properly brush your hair without damaging it. 

In short we can sum them up like this:

  • don't chop your hair like a butcher going wild. Gently start at the ends and work in sections.
  • Work your way up bit by bit so that you avoid brushing several small knots into one big horrible knot. If you start at the scalp you risk making things worse. 
  • always and only use a natural boar bristle brush of the highest bristle quality
  • use a brush that is suited for your hair type. No one size fits all at Delphin & Emerence: they make a hairbrush for every hair type. 

Do you have a hard time trying to find a brush that is perfect for you? Then check our brush-finder to see what brush you need. Click HERE to go to the hairbrush-finder. 

That way we will be sure you will not only know how to brush your hair but also do it with a hairbrush that is right for you.