About the creator

My name is Lies Helsloot and I am the founder and CEO of the best hairbrush brand in the world Delphin & Emerence. I am passionate about healthy and beautiful hair! When I was a young girl, people used to call me “the girl with the long hair”. I had the most beautiful and shiny long hair. Over time, the inevitable aging process compounded with the stress inherent in “life” and especially after giving birth to my beautiful daughter my hair started to change. It got thinner, brittle, dry, dull and my scalp became extremely sensitive and worst of all was dealing with severe hair loss. I just knew there must be more to understand and I was determined to recreate my “hair” of old and restore my locks to their former glory.
That’s where my quest for beautiful hair began and it took me back to “the roots”. That's where I worked for 2 years on creating the best hairbrush in the world.

Delphin and Emerence founder

 I wanted to know everything about healthy hair, I studied everything I could find on the topic and I combined it with years of experience in health as a health food chef and health coach. Exploring this I remembered that when I was young, one of my secrets was to brush my hair every day with a natural pure wild boar bristle hair brush. I went on a search for the perfect hairbrush, and finding nothing that matched my desire for ethical, beautiful and natural in design I dreamt of creating my own. I got in touch with the most extra-ordinary Belgian hair brush makers and Italian woodcrafters and started working on the perfect brush line. 

I am so delighted and proud that together we have created a unique range of natural pure wild boar hair brushes to meet these standards. I introduce to you, Delphin & Emerence.

PS I also wrote a book on my hair journey "The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair." and regularly blog on TAKE YOU TIME, my blog.