Detail Store Amsterdam Centrum

Runstraat 11
1016 GJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 2400 199

Monday: 12am - 6pm
Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 12am - 6pm

In 2000 Skins Cosmetics opened her first store in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam. The branch in the Runstraat then started with only seven niche brands. The range has since expanded to such an extent that the building at number 9 became too small and we had to move to the current shop at number 11. The current building has also undergone a lot of changes. The first floor, for instance, was previously home of the Skins Institute, where you could undergo beauty treatments (for which you can now visit Rotterdam). Since a few years, the upper floor is part of the store so that there’s more room for the extensive assortment.  

Our webshop has the greatest offer of (new) brands and products. Beautiful products that, unfortunately, we cannot all place in our physical stores. So it can be so that your favourite product is not available in the store. Therefore, please contact this branch prior to your visit at +31 (0)20 240 0199. That way you can be sure that the product or brand you seek is present in the store.

If the product is not available in the store, you can:

- Order and pay online*
- Order and pay on sight in the store*
- Order with your branch on the phone and pay when you pick it up in the store

*You can choose to pick up the product in the store or deliver it at home.

Pick-up your online order for free at the branch in Amsterdam.

To make an appointment for makeup, call +31 (0)20 240 0199. We’d love to personally introduce you to our products.