Taking care of your brush

We offer a premium quality product that, with the right care, will offer years of enjoyment. We recommend you take proper care of it to enhance its lifespan. to help you do that every brush comes with a special cleaning brush. This brush has been designed to properly but gently clean your boar bristle hairbrush. We recommend daily dry cleaning of your hairbrush after every brush session. To deep clean your hairbrush you can read the instructions below. 


Daily Maintenance

10 seconds of your time keeps your brush in optimal condition. After each use we recommend to gently clean your brush using the specially designed cleaning brush, making small rotations with the cleaning bristles over the surface of the rubber cushion and in between the bristles of the hair. Doing so you will remove dust, dead skin cells, pollen and hair keeping your brush neat and ready for you next brush experience.

  • Done in 10 seconds
  • Specially designed cleaning brush
  • Remove dust, dead skin cells, pollen and hair



Since our brush is made of natural materials washing it in water will degrade the brush over time and we strongly recommend not to use any harsh chemicals to clean it. You can however refresh your brush by dipping the cleaning brush in lukewarm soapy water and then gently brush out any grease and dirt that might be trapped on the brush.

When choosing soap, we advise to use organic brands that do not use solvents. Repeat this process with only lukewarm water and the cleaning brush to remove any soap residue. Then gently shake out the brush to remove any remaining water and let it air-dry placing it in a slight angle with the bristles facing downwards. This allows the small hole in the cushion to remove any excess moisture. Do not store it wet into the box. Never ever use a towel to dry the bristle for this may cause damage to the bristles.


Dip the cleaning brush in hot soapy water

Use organic soap without solvents

Let it air-dry facing downwards


Just like you, Delphin & Emerence brushes are high quality, refined products and deserve to be treated in a gentle and caring way. That’s why we want to share some recommendations for use to ensure your brush is kept in optimal condition.

  • Do not put your brush on wet surfaces and do not store your brush in a moist place for this can destroy both the wood handle, rubber cushion and hairs
  • Never soak your brush in water and/or soapy water to clean it. - Do not put your brush on hot surfaces such as radiators because this might cause breakage and cracks.
  • Do not put your hairbrush in the freezer, extreme cold might cause cracks
  • Do not use heat appliances to dry or clean your brush. - Don’t ever use harsh chemicals, cleaning products, bleach, vinegar, acids, … to clean your brush
  • Do not apply hair products directly on the brush.
  • Only use the specially designed cleaning brush to clean your brush.
  • Exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration and rapid ageing of the natural materials.
  • Avoid water, extreme cold and heat: this may result in the wood and rubber being damaged
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals, etc.
  • Be careful with hair products: do not spray directly onto the brush