Is brushing wet hair bad?

Is brushing wet hair bad? A question often asked by our customers. It is true that your hair is most vulnerable and prone to breakage when it is wet. Reason is that when your hair is wet it the proteins that your hair is build off become weaker and this makes hair very prone to damage and breakage. The reason is that when hair is wet it stretches more easily and when you brush it with the wrong technique or hairbrush it can very easily break. 

So it is important to first of all brush from tips to ends in small sections and go gently. Top hairdressers also advice to never ever use a comb but a high quality natural boar bristle hairbrush. This advice also goes for curly hair and afro/African-American hair. For curly hair it is advised to brush before you shower and then gently brush again after your hair is towel dry. 

So if you use a high-quality natural boar bristle hairbrush, it will glide through hair, detangling it gently without getting stuck. If you love your hair then never ever use those horrible brushes with little balls attached to the end of every bristle or metal or plastic combs as they get stuck and so tear and damage your hair when it is at its weakest. 

We invest hundreds and sometimes thousands of euros/dollars on hair products,
dietary supplements, cosmetic treatments and hairdressing sessions, but we forget that a good hairbrush is an essential part of our beauty routine and therefore a good investment in our appearance and lifelong healthy hair. Choosing a natural boar bristle hairbrush from Delphin & Emerence is an investment that will last for years. A range with a hairbrush for every hair type.

is brushing wet hair bad