How to brush your hair extensions

How to brush your hair extensions

maart 31, 2023

How To Brush Your Hair Extensions

 Brushing your hair mornings and evenings and even throughout, the day, is one of the best thing you can do for your extensions. But it can also be the worst depending on the hairbrush and the brushing technique used.  As the author of “The complete guide to healthy hair” and founder of the Belgian hair brand Delphin & Emerence I am a big fan of brushing. So here are some tips for you if you have hair extensions, clip-in or permanent.

Hair Extensions Need To Be Brushed Every Morning

Before starting your day it is very important that you brush your hair. This is one of the common mistakes I hear about when I talk to hair extension specialists. Brushing your hair extensions, is important as not only does it remove knots and tangles from the mid-length to the ends, it also helps to keep the roots and bonds detangled, an important part of your daily care. If you have clip-ins then take them out and gently brush them bottom to top.

The best brush for hair extensions is a natural boar bristle hairbrush that is a match for your hair type: curly, straight, thick,… I recommend Delphin & Emerence.

Brush hair extensions BEFORE you wash them

 I highly recommend that you always brush your hair extensions before shampooing. Again, this is a common mistake I see with clients having both their own natural hair or extensions. By brushing your hair extensions before showering you are removing all tangles and preventing your hair from becoming even more tangled as you wash it. Wet hair is very prone to breakage.  Even very curly and even Afro/African American hair should ALWAYS be brushed BEFORE washing with a natural hairbrush like Blackthorn, click on the image below to check out this amazing brush.


boar bristle hairbrush for afro african american hair


How do I brush my hair extensions when wet?

 When your hair is wet it is weak and prone to breakage. So, make sure you gently detangle section by section and from tips towards scalp using a natural boar bristle hairbrush suited for your hair type. Or when you wear clip-ins use the same technique for every clip-in going from tips to the top.

All the brushes in the range of Delphin & Emerence are safe on extensions as the natural boar bristles and the GinaFibra bristles have been designed to be strong and effective but gentle not to cause damage.

ginafibra bristles boar bristle hairbrush

Brush hair extensions before bed

 At the end of the day, it is very important to give your hair one final brush through before getting into bed. This ensures that there are no tangles from the day remaining in your hair that you will have to remove (with more force) in the morning. This will also speed up your morning hair routine to brush your hair extension.

 Want to find out more about the range of Delphin & Emerence? Then find out which of our brushes is a match for your hair extensions.


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