About the brush

Hairbrushes created by Delphin & Emerence are not “just” brushes. We use a wealth of Belgian, Flemish artisan wisdom relying on more than 80 years of hair brush making. To create our natural pure wild boar bristle hair brushes, we only use the best materials. 


To make the handle of our hairbrush we chose to use natural walnut wood, which is not only beautiful but also strong and resilient. Wood is a natural and sustainable material with a low-impact lifecycle. Trees are natural carbon storage experts and so during their lifetime they free our atmosphere from excess CO2.



Many cultures consider walnut trees a symbol of wisdom and attribute special spiritual powers to it. It is said that when you cut a tree its spirit is captured inside every piece of woodwork that comes from it. Touching wood has healing properties and reconnects you with the powers of Mother Nature. Because of this we work with the best wood lovers in the world who respect and understand this energy and who have lovingly designed and sculpted the sleek and elegant design of the handle. Touch it and you’ll understand. No tree is the same and that’s why every brush handle is unique, just like you and me. The knots and lines in the wood are patterns created by nature and we don’t want to hide this natural beauty. Also every handle will have its own unique and natural wood colour, ranging from lighter to darker tones. The wood is only protected using a natural oil that doesn’t harm our environment. Wood has anti-static qualities. To check whether the hair brush you have bought is an authentic D&E, check that our logo is placed on top of the handle.

Natural walnut wood

Special spiritual powers

Healing & anti -static properties

No chemicals


In our line of caring hairbrushes, we use a natural rubber cushion in a quality and color exclusively designed for our range.  The rubber cushions are produced using an “old” process relying on an artisan technique of over 100 years old. Natural rubber reduces static hair. The use of a cushion in our uniquely designed brushes makes brushing your hair more comfortable, since it follows the curves of your hair, reducing unpleasant friction. However, it does provide for sufficient pressure to allow the bristles to gently massage and stimulate your scalp. Natural rubber also is anti-static. If you notice a small hole in the cushion, this is not a manufacturing mistake, but a way to prevent moisture getting trapped underneath the cushion.


Natural rubber cushion

Artisan technique

Massaging comfort

Anti-Static Hairbrush


In our line, we use either only natural pure wild boar bristles or a mixture of natural bristles with specially designed synthetic hair we call “GinaFibra”. The different mixtures provide a solution for different types of hair. Our “GinaFibra” is added when your hair type needs that extra “oomph” to detangle or to reach your scalp for a stimulating and energizing brush treatment. We have tried and tested these varieties to be able to serve as many clients as possible, so whether you have straight, curly, wavy, African-American (Afro), Asian or any other kind of hair, we have a brush for you. 

The natural pure wild boar bristles are derived from a top quality of different varieties of wild boar hair. We are an honest company and we believe in speaking the truth. That is why we share every aspect of our creation and journey with you. We chose natural animal hair because all research showed us that they simply are the best fibers to take care of your hair.

Our wild boars are raised in the most optimal 5 star-hotel conditions. They have plenty of walking space, get regular massages (yes they do!), are fed high quality and nutritious food to guarantee that they get the best stress free life they deserve. Happy animals produce the best quality of hair for our brushes and we wouldn’t accept anything less.



Natural wild boar bristles or mixture with GinaFibra

Top quality

A hairbrush for all hair types

Tried and tested

No animal cruelty