Is brushing your hair good or bad?

Is brushing your hair good or bad?

maart 21, 2023

Is brushing your hair good or bad? Today I want to talk about the importance of brushing your hair to get healthy, shiny hair. In this video I show you how to do it properly without breaking your hair, what the benefits are and why it is so important to use a high quality hairbrush. And my blog below will explain a bit further.

Is brushing your hair bad?
“Does brushing my hair damage it?” is one of the most frequent questions I get from readers of my book "The complete guide to healthy hair". There is not a simple and single answer to this question. It’s like with chocolate: eating good quality dark chocolate in small amounts is good for you, but eating poor quality, sugar loaded chocolate in large amounts is a bad thing. It is the same with brushing. If you want to brush your hair without damaging its fragile structure you have to pick a brush that is not only strong enough to detangle the knots and smooth out your hair, but also gentle enough to respect the hair structure.

What can a good hairbrush do?
A good quality hairbrush will offer all the above to you: it will gently detangle any knots, spread the natural sebum over the hair strands smoothing out the cuticles in the hair shaft and make your hair look smooth and shiny. Also a good hairbrush will rid your hair of dust, small particles from air pollution, allergens and will remove dead hair; giving your hair a breath of fresh air and add shine.
Brushing with a quality brush also gives you an enjoyable, stimulating micro-massage promoting blood flow so that the blood can transport oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth.

So grandma was right: one hundred strokes a day is a good thing!

And when I use a “bad” brush?

Well, cheap quality brushes with plastic, metal or minor quality natural bristles:
– break your hair,
– don’t offer the micro-stimulation effect,
– don’t feel as good as a natural boar bristle hairbrush,
– do not have the ability to spread sebum along the hair shaft to nourish it

What to look for in a hairbrush?

Like I said: if you care for your hair, choose your hairbrush wisely. Choose natural bristles from the highest quality or a mix of natural boar bristles with specially designed synthetic bristles.
A soft cushion, which gently follows the curves of your head, is also very important. If it is made out of natural rubber, it also has anti-static qualities. Very helpful in winter time!

We all have different hair types, so a brush suited for your natural style is a must! Even when you have curly hair. Delphin & Emerence has designed top quality, natural brushes for every hair type. Its range covers caring brushes, to smooth and nourish your strands and also offers detangling brushes for those days when you need more power.

A good natural handmade boar bristle hairbrush will cost more then a cheap, poor quality one. See it as a good investment in your hair and appearance. I always tell people that when they invest in good hair products, vitamins, wholesome nutrition and a good hairdresser, they shouldn’t be frugal on the hairbrush. It should be an essential part of your daily hair and beauty ritual.

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