FAQ - Delphin & Emerence


Can I use brushes on my extensions?

Yes, absolutely! They have been tried and tested by specialists to be used with quality hair extensions made from natural hair. They are gentle enough not to damage them and to keep them in top shape!

Can I use your brushes for wigs?

Yes, you can definitely use our brushes on quality wigs made from natural hair. If you have a high quality wig, it is very important that you use a high quality brush like ours to maintain it.

Is Delphin & Emerence available in shops?

In Belgium Carpe Clinic in Antwerp, A must-visit clinic that has a division specialised in healthy hair, offers you a free hair analysis and gives you advice on what to do to get/keep healthy growing hair. Our full range of hairbrushes is available and the professionally trained team will give you personalized advice during the consultation for hair growth and care. www.carpe.be