The importance of brushing

Brushing your hair with a good hairbrush should be an essential part of your daily hair routine. Let us explain to you why. Around every strand of hair on your scalp there are sebaceous glands that produce sebum, nature’s homemade hair conditioner. Sebum is very rich in natural waxes, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and a variety of nutrients that naturally condition your hair. Brushing your hair twice a day with one of our brushes helps to spread the sebum evenly on every strand to naturally nourish it. On top of that the specially selected bristles we use, give your scalp a micro-massage so that blood flow to the hair follicles is being stimulated. 


This nourishing effect can only be attained when using a quality hairbrush such as Delphin & Emerence. So, brushing with our carefully crafted brush does help you to get healthy growing and smooth hair.

Essential part daily hair routine

Natural nutrition

Stimulated blood flow

Healthy and smooth hair