How do you fix breakage in your hair?


dry and damaged hair remedy

My hair is dry and brittle. How can I take care of it? And what hairbrush is suitable to brush it gently without causing more breakage? As the founder of the Belgian high-end hairbrush brand Delphin & Emerence I have been obsessed with my hair since I was a young girl. Dry hair, brittle hair, hair damage, split ends? Been there, done all the crazy things to fix the problem. In my book the "The complete guide to healthy hair" I also talk about the problem. These are my best tips to fix it first and then prevent more breakage in the future. 

Tip 1: when in doubt, cut it out!

Sorry, you will not like it but if your hair is really damaged my best advice is to stop putting on hair products to repair and seal it as this is a temporary solution. When you want to fix the problem for good, do not keep on trying to fix what is broken. In stead, book an appointment with your hairdresser for a serious hair cut. That way you can start growing out new, healthy hair. 

Tip 2: what has your hairbrush to do with it?

Brushing your hair can be one of the reasons your hair is breaking and is damaged. But it can also be the opposite! Brushing your hair is a really great thing to do, if, and only if you know how to brush and what brush to use for your hair type as that also is a major mistake people make. After all, when you buy shoes you will also go for a pair that is your size, not? I am the founder of Delphin & Emerence, high-end hairbrushes handmade in Belgium and author of "The complete guide to healthy hair" and this is one of my favourite brushes: Apple Blossom.